Grey Water Captured

The used hydroponic solution either waters the landscape, or is used in a secondary hydroponic system where additional edible plants consume it. Our primary cleaning solution is landscape friendly allowing it to water our ornamental plants. The basil and lettuce crop takes approximately one pint of water per basil plant from seedling until you buy it at the market. By comparison, field grown lettuce typically takes 15 gallons per head. A full crop of our basil and lettuce takes approximately 60 gallons for approximately 600 plants.

Minimized inputs

We never use sprays or pesticides on our plants. We continuously refine our growing techniques to develop innovative solutions to bring you clean healthy food. We only source our fertilizers from suppliers with transparently and easily understood fertilizers. Our growing techniques are not only state of art in low water use, but also use the smallest amount of fertilizer possible. We use integrated pest management to avoid use of sprays on your food.

How do we do it?

Growing commercial produce in an expensive urban environment seems impossible, but we do it! The latest hydroponic methods allows us to produce food at scale locally. Much of the produce we sell at the market comes with the roots still attached. The produce is fresher when you use it since it's almost as if you just plucked it from your garden. Keep the plant in a vase or one of our supplied containers and there is no need to refrigerate it. We have kept our basil on the window sill for 2 weeks. Just top off the water in the container and your plant will stay fresh and ready to use when you cook.